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Address: Wagnerstr. 6 Ulm Germany 89077

is Denmarks first Basketball agency. We strive to aid talented basketball players to sign with European teams. We also assist European clubs in finding the right player or coach, for their exact need. Our main contacts are in: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and off course Denmark. There is no market we will not explore, having placed players in countries such as: Philippines, Syria, and Kosovo.

+49 731-37 49 588
Address: Karadjordjeva 64 Valjevo Serbia 14000

The best players and coaches, with complete information and the reliability. My players have checked bios and the greatest experience in the top European leagues. My coaches have a huge basketball knowledge achieved from the most famous coaching names of the Yugoslavian basketball school and subsequently confirmed by their successful work at the Yugoslavian and foreign teams. I have available video tapes and actualized stats of all my players.

Address: Lumani 10.7 GmbH Alter Steinweg 42 48143 Münster

Our aim is to give clients the opportunity to improve by maintaining a comfortable standard of living, pursuing an outside area of interest and establishing well executed educational and financial plans. Professional athletes need to plan for a life outside of sports, in order to become leaders in athletics, business, and the community.

+49 (0)251 482 450
Address: Strahinjića Bana 18 Belgrade Serbia 11000

BeoBasket is the Yugoslavian agency with the biggest number of represented players (more than 100). The agency is focused exclusively on basketball representation business, including marketing services and client management.

+381 63 210 129
Address: Platia Chrisostomou Smirnis 4, Nea Smirni, 17121 Athens, Greece

ARETE EUROPE is a full-service sports management and marketing agency. We work with clients at all stages of their careers as we help them negotiate contracts, build their personal brand, secure marketing opportunities and support them to excel both in their chosen profession as well as in the community.

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