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Can Anybody Become an National NBA Player?

Anyone could be a National Basketball Association player (NBA), in theory. The truth is that you need to meet a lot of criteria, there has to be a spot open for you, and you have to be noticed. It’s not easy. If you want to play basketball professionally, you have to play on a college team. You have to know the game extremely well and you have to train hard. Your diet, exercise and sleeping habits have to be top notch and you have to practice all the time to keep you skills up and...

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What is it like to transition careers into the sports industry?

People who have marketable skills, especially those with previous sales experience, can make the transition fairly easily into the sports industry. Knowing every statistic for every sports figure, and who won the Super Bowl for the last twenty years will only be marketable in some small niche market. Being a sports fanatic isn’t a sure fire sign for you to drop everything and work in the sports industry. That being said, there is nothing like doing something that you enjoy, and getting...

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